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Texas Lawsuit Damage Caps Must Cause Cancer

Never put it past a plaintiff’s attorney to twist an argument to the benefit of other plaintiff attorneys. The last post I wrote was about (former) neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch, who was recently convicted of a first degree felony related to his medically negligent treatment of an elderly patient’s back pain. There were extenuating circumstances in this case. Dr. Duntsch had established a pattern of egregious medical mistakes. When patients developed complications after surgery, Dr. Duntsch also had apparently tried to ...

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Press Ganey and Are Medicine’s Fake News

Whether you agree with the Trump administration assertions about “fake news” or not, the term has gained legs and has at least put the American public on notice that you can’t trust everything that you read in the media or on the internet. Fake News Definition As the term “fake news” has become more commonplace, it remains loosely defined, often being used as a blanket pejorative against information that counters the interests of those using the term. This article from the Daily ...

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Healthcare Update — 02-10-2017

So I hadn’t planned to continue doing Healthcare Updates, but there are always so many interesting healthcare-related articles that I can’t stay away. To wit … For women, it’s the birth control pill. For men, it may soon be a shot to the nuts. Literally. Researchers showed that an injection of Vasalgel into the vas deferens (the pathway leading out of the testicles) could temporarily block the flow of sperm and effectively sterilize monkeys. Other studies in rabbits showed that the ...

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Patient Encounters

The Boxer

Paramedics had a difficult time with the patient. Call went out for a patient named Joanne Doroshow that was reportedly “man down” on the city bus. By the time the paramedics arrived, the patient was laying on the sidewalk with a crowd of bystanders around him. He had shallow breathing. His pupils were constricted. Ahhhhh. A sign suggestive of opiate overdose. Paramedics loaded him into the ambulance and tried to get an IV. No luck. One paramedic then mainlined some ...

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Time to Retire?

I’m getting the impression that one of the docs from a nearby hospital needs to retire. A couple of patients have come in with statements he’s made that … well you decide. Patient family member 1 (happens to be a CNA at our hospital) “Question for you: Are there bones inside the brain?” “Umm. No. The brain sits inside the skull which is a bone, but there is no bone inside the brain. Why do you ask?” “Well, my great aunt ...

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Entomology Clinic

Two different patients came in with strange “bug” complaints. The frustrating thing for doctors is that the patients with “bug bite” complaints are absolutely convinced that the bugs are present and are causing all kind of physical maladies. Many times they are not. The frustrating thing for the patient is that the doctors are sometimes … well … skeptical of the complaints. The first patient had small scabs on her arms and lower legs – typical of neurotic excoriations. There ...

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Independence (from fingers) Day

I was going to write about the worst July 4th accident I had seen in the ED prior to July 4, but I got bogged down in other things and then had to take an unexpected road trip out of state. The story is below. If you’re wondering why I’m telling the story after July 4th, continue reading. There was a contender for the worst injury that was seen for a follow up visit yesterday. The first patient was a ...

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