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The $500 Emergency Popsicle

Natalie Fuelner created a well-written article in the Bangor Daily News describing some of the tribulations many new parents go through with young children. One weekend, her toddler fell face first onto a metal patio table. Immediately, the toddler’s face is full of blood. The dad panicked. Natalie was a “trembling mess” on the inside. Their physician neighbor wasn’t available to look at the child. They didn’t want to wait two and a half hours at the urgent care center. They were both still ...

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HC Update 12

Healthcare Update – 06-09-2015

Check out other news from around the web on my other blog at Super glue mistaken for sexual lubricant, patients brought in by ambulance – stuck together by their genitals. Or maybe not. Turns out Scott Paulson, a reporter from, was punked by a GomerBlog-like headline. Newswatch reported the original story, along with other stories about a woman who has been pregnant for two years and how the FDA has approved tranquilizer darts for use in children. ...

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