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Google Glass

Google Glass in the Emergency Department

Google Glass is trying to make inroads into the medical field and there have been several stories about how it is being used in the emergency department. One story begins with how Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is the first hospital in the world to use the glasses for direct patient care. The benefits are reportedly legion: “Information like the patient’s name, their past medical history, even X-rays can all come up with Google Glass and could be life-saving, ...

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Physician Bodyguards and Government Policies

Chinese hospitals recruiting 1500 “guardian angels” to protect doctors from violent patient attacks. Patients who are angry about the Chinese healthcare system, medical expenses, long waiting times, and uncaring doctors have become more violent over the years, with violent attacks occurring every two weeks on average – according to state media – which in reality means that it probably occurs a lot more frequently than twice a month. Now China is starting a campaign to get volunteer students, medical staff ...

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Thumbs Down

We’ve Been Facebooked — Part 2

My dislike for certain forms of social media continues. One of the problems with social media in the medical field is the federal privacy act known as HIPAA. HIPAA prevents medical providers from publicly disclosing any “protected health information” about patients without the patients’ permission. We can disclose the information among other medical providers providing care to the patient with few limitations, but we can’t disclose the information to the public. A patient can go to newspapers and say that ...

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