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Antique Typewriter - HC update 14

Healthcare Update — 03-07-2016

“VA suicide hotline. Your call is very important to us. Please leave a message after the beep.”  Data provided to USA Today shows that up to 1 in 5 calls to a VA suicide crisis hotline was dropped or sent to voice mail. One veteran from Illinois allegedly killed himself by laying on train tracks after being unable to reach someone on the hotline. Want to get the munchies? Pull an all-nighter. Study shows that those with “restricted sleep” (4.5 ...

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Dear Diary 2

Dear Diary #21

So, diary, it’s been almost a month since my last post. I keep writing things down to post about, then when I make time to actually sit down and write the posts, something comes up – almost without fail. I’ve had five days off of work and today – the night before a string of shifts – I finally have a little time while the family is out doing errands. This whole 2016 year has been quite trying. I already ...

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Angry Man

That Hesitation When …

… a patient’s family member comes up to you and asks “Hey. You’re Dr. WhiteCoat, aren’t you? Didn’t you work at University Medical Center like 6 or 7 years ago?” You casually look to see if there are any weapons in his hand and, seeing none, you cautiously say “Yeah.” Then the family member says “I thought that was you. Yeah. You’re a good doctor. You saved my father’s life. He talked about you up until he died a couple ...

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Patient Encounters

Meet Babs Bunny

A dad brought his 15 year old daughter in because she had missed her menstrual period the past week. He kept her home from school for three days because he wanted to see if the period had just decided to show up late. Alas, after 5 extra days, no period was forthcoming. The young girl’s pregnancy test was …. positive. When the nurse told the father that his daughter was pregnant, he wigged out. “You mean she’s having a baby ...

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How to Assure Your Norco Prescription Isn't Filled

1. Go to your primary care physician’s office and refuse to take a random drug test when you entered into a contract to do so in order to get your pain medications refilled. 2. When the doctor threatens to terminate you from his practice, go into the bathroom, urinate in a cup, and then throw the cup all over the bathroom and hallway. 3. Run out of the office before the police get there. 4. Come back to the office ...

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Defibrillating with Soup Spoons

So I’m treating this patient the other day. He’s a little intoxicated. Got whacked in the head and needed some staples to close his scalp laceration. When I’m fixing patient’s various injuries, I feel like a barber sometimes. I strike up conversations … ask how their families are doing … how did they get in this predicament … that type of thing. This fellow comes straight out with a doozy. “When I was growing up, our next door neighbor was famous.” “Really, ...

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The Case of the Cyanotic Hands

I went in to see a patient whose hands suddenly turned blue at work. She stated that she couldn’t feel any of her fingertips once they started turning blue and said that she was “cleaning” before the symptoms occurred. As I walked into the room, all of the fingers on both her hands were definitely dusky appearing. Her upper arms appeared OK. Her lips weren’t cyanotic. So I sat there taking a history thinking to myself what the hell could ...

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