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Angry Man

That Hesitation When …

… a patient’s family member comes up to you and asks “Hey. You’re Dr. WhiteCoat, aren’t you? Didn’t you work at University Medical Center like 6 or 7 years ago?” You casually look to see if there are any weapons in his hand and, seeing none, you cautiously say “Yeah.” Then the family member says “I thought that was you. Yeah. You’re a good doctor. You saved my father’s life. He talked about you up until he died a couple ...

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HC Update 13

Healthcare Update — 02-01-2016

Another example of why Dr. Google and the links Dr. Google produces may lead you into poor choices for your health care. Some sites scrape the Web for keywords about drugs and side effects, then use a program to combine the pages in a manner that may cause patients to stop taking the medications. Very informative article! Dermatologist accused of rubbing his genitals against female patient’s thighs during examinations uses unique defense – his huge gut covered over his penis, ...

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CMS Announces New ICD-10 Code for Sleeping Nursing Home Patients

Wondering if GomerBlog has any openings … In its continuing effort to improve the accuracy of medical coding, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced a new ICD-10 code related to emergency department medical care. CMS spokesperson Marcella Skinner explains: We have noticed an increasing trend of payments for emergency department patients sent from the nursing home in the middle of the night for evaluation of lethargy and being difficult to arouse. Initially, this appeared to be an ...

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Patient Encounters

The Diesel Fitter

I took care of a patient who was a pipefitter and which reminded me of another patient I had long long ago. I looked back through the blog and never mentioned this story before, so here it is. The patient was rather intoxicated and he said that he had hurt his leg at work. So naturally I asked him what kind of work he does. “I’m a diesel fitter.” “You mean a pipe fitter?” “No, a diesel fitter.” “Well what ...

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Body Blow

A patient came in semi-conscious with low blood pressure. She was known to paramedics for her history of opiate abuse. In the past, the patient had been treated several times for adverse effects from excessive doses of prescription pain medications. The nurses were having trouble trying to start an IV and there were no good veins visible, so I grabbed an IV, put a tourniquet around the patient’s arm, and slapped the back of the patient’s hand several times to get ...

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Bloody Knife

The Bloody Knife

Patients seeking refills for chronic pain prescriptions are finding that those requests are being rejected more and more often by emergency departments. Due to the increasing incidence of drug diversion and doctor shopping, many hospitals are developing policies that limit or even prohibit prescription of controlled substances for chronic medical problems. But every time that people build a better mousetrap, Mother Nature builds a better mouse. Patients know that they won’t get prescriptions for chronic pain, so they often come ...

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Revenge Best Served with Hot Lead

A young guy gets brought in with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to his arm. The police were called and the patient had no idea who shot him. After the police left, the patient admitted that his own friend shot him. He was sent home that night. Not 45 minutes after my shift started the next day, the patient’s “friend” comes in with a GSW to the leg. Guess who the perp was. Can’t you just smell Jack Daniels and hear ...

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